Roland Mandiaya Sumani Seidu, Abass Sharif Nagaiya, Severin Schwaiger, Elizabeth Schipflinger and Pascal Apelete Sasu

From asending order Abass SHarif Nagaiya, Pascal Apelete Sasu,Elizabeth Schipflinger,Roland Mandiaya Sumani Seini and Severin Schwaiger

After touring all the three northern regions of Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo,we come to the climax of our documentary shoot titled

“The Forgotten Kingdom?The Chronicle Of The North…

The short term aim of this documentary is to educate northern Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo about their connection to each other to promote peace and unity.

The long term aim of this documentary is to raise funds to build a university in the north for the people of northern Ghana.

Together we can impact upon people’s perceptions about the North and its environment.

watch the long awaited trailer

The 5-member team comprises of Roland Mandiaya Sumani Seini, Abass Sharif Nagaiya, Severin Schwaiger, Elizabeth Schipflinger and Pascal Apelete Sasu, touring almost all the regions in Northern Ghana and beyond to bring you this captivating findings about how Na Gbewa’s empire influenced northern Ghana,Burkina Faso and Togo.

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16 thoughts on “Team

  1. there is more to it than you may think.dig more harder there interesting n wonderful thing you will know about him n his empire,he was a ruler n a king.
    long live ur foundation

  2. We back this project in spirit and in faith to the fullness. Chronicle of the North come to stand, stay, educate and to expose. Long live and big up to the Project Managers, Organizers, facilitators and stakeholders as well. Its my prayer and will to be extended to the other part of country and continent at large. Respect everytym. Bless

  3. I was privileged on Saturday last week to view the documentary. Congrats! As great, great, great, great grandson I would encourage you and would contribute to making the university a reality. Forward Ever!

  4. its gud 2 knw der s still hope out der tru ppl like ur team.. ur good deeds shall nt b in vain.. all da best folka!!

  5. Very interesting subject , appreciate it for posting . All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. by James Thurber. gcadcddcebkd

  6. Woow….really great project there. Can’t wait to see you guys achieve your ultimate goal. Unity is strength and with that,it is possible.
    Long live this great Foundation

  7. Wow big ups guys…………… sure the youth as soo much to learn and with the help of your foundation everyone including the next generation will be concious of our grt kings and their heritage

  8. Please am in Tamale and l wish to have the video,please let me know where to get this interesting video as soon as possible, thank you.

  9. I am Mohammed Abdul Rashid, a grad of University of Ghana. I very much would have loved to be part of your audience for this great piece, however I am in Tamale. How do we of the North also benefit from this works?
    The piece speaks to the situation of the north and would have its greatest impact if it is shown there. Thanks.

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