Naa Jaringa wall is situated in Nalerigu in the Northern region of Ghana. Naa Jaringa was a King of the Mamprugu Kingdom who had no son to inherit him. As a patriarchal state with no son as his heir he wanted to do something significant to be remembered for. Also owing to wars he decided to build a wall around the capital of the Kingdom where he resides Nalerigu which is located at the center of his territories.

Naa Jaringa or Naa jariga or Naa Dzaringa can be used interchangeable, this wall was built in the 16th Century.

Naa Jaringa instructed all his subject to provide milk and honey for the construction of the wall. The wall was built without water but with milk, honey and sand. All his subjects provided milk and honey while the slaves dug the sand and built the wall.

Any slave who complains about tiredness during the construction is added to the wall as a pillar. The wall still exist today, before you could see human bones in the wall but currently because of lack of preservation of the wall is being washed away.


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